Telemundo Host Boris Izaguirre Shares New Details About His Dyslexia

ByGaby Bobadilla, MA on Nov 13, 2017

Boris Izaguirre is a successful writer with dyslexia, and host of the popular Miami Telemundo show Suelta la Sopa (“Spill the Beans”). He’s talked about his learning differences before. But in a recent 5TeleCinco interview, Izaguirre shared new details about his dyslexia and life.

Born in Venezuela, Izaguirre struggled with reading as a child. “I was a very late reader because I couldn’t put things in order,” he says in the interview. However, his troubles weren’t limited to academics. Gym class, running and sports like baseball were all challenging for him. “I didn’t know how to tie my shoelaces until I was 9,” he adds.

His mother—a dancer—tried to help him with his motor skills issues. With tears in his eyes, Izaguirre says: “Once she found out about my problem, my mom did exercises with me to help me.”

Looking back, Izaguirre is reflective: “What I learned most from my mother was discipline.” It must have helped. During his career, Izaguirre has written more than 10 books and many soap operas, living in both Spain and Miami. Dyslexia still affects him today—and makes his writing very distinctive. During the interview, he recalls how actors could tell he’d written a soap opera screenplay without being told. They’d exclaim: “Boris wrote this one!”

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About the author

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