Welcome to the Educators Program

Our Educators program provides evidence-based, easy-to-use resources to help educators further develop their approaches to teaching every student. And as a nonprofit, all of our materials are free for educators to use.

We want every educator to become more informed, confident, and effective, creating a consistent support system for students who learn and think differently as they progress through school. We equip general and special education teachers, service providers, and school leaders with the tools and resources to help all students thrive.

These resources are designed to help educators prepare for tomorrow’s lesson and build their mindset, skills, and knowledge over time. Our research shows that when educators create a learning environment for students who learn and think differently, it improves outcomes for all students.

About the author

About the author

Educators Team at Understood is made up of passionate writers, editors, educators, and subject matter experts who have worked in classrooms and with students who learn and think differently.