Workplace Initiative weekly news roundup: November 4, 2019

Here are some highlights of this week’s news about disability inclusion in the workforce — and how you can use the information to make your company the best it can be.

1. Advocacy groups launch campaign to create 1 million jobs for people with disabilities

What’s reported: Special Olympics, Best Buddies, and Autism Speaks are joining forces, reports Disability Scoop. The disability advocacy groups have established the Delivering Jobs campaign. Its goal is to encourage employers to create 1 million jobs for “people with autism, intellectual, and/or developmental differences by 2025.” The Delivering Jobs initiative wants to provide training for job seekers and encourage employers to hire qualified candidates.

What it means for you: Understood can provide resources to help your company launch its own disability inclusion program. Find out how you can partner with our Inclusive Careers Cohort (ICC) program.

2. New York company where 75% of employees are people with autism

What’s reported: New York–based software company Ultranauts has redesigned their business to actively recruit employees with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), reports BBC. And 75 percent of the quality engineering firm’s staff are people with ASD. 

Instead of formal interviews, the company’s hiring process includes an assessment of a candidate’s ability to learn new systems or take on feedback. “We’ve shown over and over … that we’ve delivered results better because of the diversity of our team,” says founder Rajesh Anandan. 

What it means for you: Traditional hiring methods don’t always tap into applicants with disabilities. Make sure your company’s recruiting efforts enable job seekers to showcase their skills. That can open up your hiring pool to find the best candidate for the role. 

3. Disability unemployment discrimination

What’s reported: A Forbes article argues that people with disabilities are often “ignored in discussions of fair wages and workplace diversity and inclusion.” People with disabilities are employed at a much lower rate than their peers without disabilities. In 2018, only 33 percent of working-age Americans with disabilities participated in the workforce. That’s compared to almost 77 percent of Americans without a disability. And some people with disabilities are paid below minimum wage because of legal loopholes. 

What it means for you: Make a corporate commitment to creating an inclusive culture where people with disabilities have opportunities to grow and are paid equally. A culture of inclusion only strengthens your workforce. 

4. Be sure your company’s careers page is accessible for people with disabilities

What’s reported: How accessible is your company’s careers page for applicants with disabilities? Offering captions and transcripts and following inclusive design principles for people with visual disabilities can make a difference, reports HR Technologist. Other tips include making sure that users who can only navigate with a keyboard can access the page. 

What it means for you: A study by Accenture found that companies that use best practices for inclusion had 28 percent higher revenue than other companies. Understood can help implement strategies to be sure people with disabilities can easily connect with your organization.

About the author

About the author

The Understood Team is made up of passionate writers and editors. Many of them have kids who learn and think differently.