How brain breaks can help kids with homework frustration

Most kids struggle with homework from time to time. But kids who learn and think differently may struggle more often — even every day. They may find homework to be extra frustrating and harder to get through.

Brain breaks during homework or lengthy chores can help relieve that frustration. A brain break is just what it sounds like: a break from whatever kids are focusing on. 

Short brain breaks during work time have been shown to have real benefits. They reduce stress, anxiety, and frustration. And they can help kids focus and be more productive. 

Brain breaks can also help kids learn to self-regulate and be more aware of when they’re getting fed up or losing track of what they’re doing. That’s especially helpful for kids who struggle with .

Being able to return to a task and get it done builds self-confidence and self-esteem, too. It shows kids they can work through homework challenges. This can motivate them to keep trying.

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