Download: Parent-child behavior contracts

Use this behavior contract to help your child stay on track. The download includes a blank contract and two completed samples to help you get started.

Sample parent-child behavior contract PDF - 835.6 KB

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A behavior contract can help you and your child work on things like self-control and lying. It can also spell out rewards for meeting a goal and consequences for not meeting it.

Download the parent-child behavior contract in the link above. The download includes:

  • A blank contract you can fill out with your child

  • A sample contract filled in for a younger child

  • A sample contract filled in for an older child

How to use the contract

For the contract to work, it’s key to get your child’s input. Helping shape the contract makes kids more likely to stick with it.

Start by focusing on one or two behaviors. (Having too many goals at once can be overwhelming.) Work with your child to come up with the goals, strategies, rewards, and consequences.

Remember to include the steps you and your child will take to change a behavior. Rather than just saying “Stop doing X,” come up with strategies to replace the behavior with a better one.

Be sure to schedule a time to review it together later. Use that time to talk about any changes to the contract or if your child is having trouble meeting the goals. This is one of the ways a behavior contract can help you have an ongoing conversation about behavior.

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