7 examples of focus “wins” when your child is learning at home

Many kids who struggle with focus have a hard time with distance learning. It’s not surprising, given all the distractions that come with learning at home (while also coping with the COVID-19 crisis). But that doesn’t make it any less frustrating and discouraging.

That’s why it’s important to notice and celebrate when your child has any success with focusing. Even the smallest wins can help kids feel better about themselves at a time when things are difficult.

You may need to adjust your expectations, though—at least in the short term. Completing just a little more work than last time or taking a slightly shorter break may not seem like a big deal. They may even be a step back from where your child was before this crisis. But they’re important wins to recognize.

Here are some examples of what a focus win might look like when your child is learning at home.

  1. Your child listens to the teacher’s online presentation for 5 minutes straight (or 5 minutes longer than yesterday).
  2. Your child gets halfway through the math packet or does a few more problems than last time before switching to something else.
  3. Your child does most of the homework without having to re-watch parts of the lesson.
  4. Your child follows the instructions for an assignment without asking you to repeat them.
  5. Your child remembers all the materials needed for the project and gathers them ahead of time.
  6. Your child moves to a different work area to get away from distractions.
  7. Your child puts on headphones without a reminder in order to focus more on the lesson.

Encourage your child to keep track of focus wins like these and others that are unique to your child. Making an “accomplishment box” is a fun way for kids to see their accomplishments—and watch them grow. Download this kit to get your child started.

Your child’s accomplishment box starter kitPDF - 58.3 KB

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Celebrating focus wins can be a real confidence booster for your child. That’s especially true if distance learning is a struggle.