Remind App Helps Teachers Get the Message Across to Students and Parents

What’s more popular than kids texting each other at school this year? The teachers getting in on the action, sort of. Remind is one of the hottest apps at school this year, reports Business Week. And teachers—not students—are driving the app’s popularity.

Available for Apple and Android devices, Remind is a free app that lets teachers stay in touch with parents and students about everything that’s going on in the classroom and at school. Teachers say they like Remind because they don’t have to give out their personal phone numbers and contact information. Nor do they need to upload their students’ cell phone numbers or email addresses.

How Remind Works Teachers send reminder messages, letters, handouts and even photos directly to the phones of their students and parents. Parents plug in a unique code the teacher supplies. They then have access to class materials and reminders.

Remind is the brainchild of CEO Brett Kopf, who says he grew up with and . Kopf credits one of his teachers, Mrs. Whitefield, with making a difference in his life. Remind posted this quote from Kopf on social media: “Without her, along with my parents’ support, I would have never worked through my learning disabilities to graduate high school. Imagine what the world could look like if all the ‘Mrs. Whitefields’ out there were empowered to connect with millions of students and parents!”

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