Small Success: My Daughter Has Motor Skills Issues but Can Play Bach

ByThe Understood Team on Aug 31, 2018

This last weekend was huge for us. My daughter, who has ADHD and motor skills issues (among other challenges), had her second piano recital. We started her in piano originally to give her a little more dexterity, since that’s a big challenge for her.

I was a little nervous before the recital. But she was amazing and I was so proud. She may not tie her shoes, fasten buttons or hold a pencil correctly, but she can play Bach on the piano!

—Kimberly N.

Kimberly is a member of the Understood Community. She’s a single parent who regularly advocates for special education services for her daughter. She also uses her skills as a costume and set designer to support her daughter’s dreams of being a performer.

Watch a video of Kimberly’s daughter performing at a fundraiser—this time playing Beethoven!

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    About the author

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