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Son hugging mom


An Open Letter to the Parents Worried My Son Is in Their Child’s Class

To all the parents who are worried that my son is in their child’s class: I heard through our mutual...

Boy playing with toy cars


Helicopter Parent? No, I’m a Life Raft Mom

“I’m such a helicopter mom,” a friend said to me as we watched our 7-year-olds race around the playg...

Photo of Amanda Morin and her son


Why I Stopped Saying “Sorry” as a Mom (and Started Saying “No”)

Last week two school emails landed in my inbox. One asked for volunteers for a PTA event. The other...

Photo of Debbie Reber and her son


TiLT Podcast Brings Experts and Parents Together to Support “Differently Wired” Kids

Understood was recently featured on the TiLT Parenting podcast, one of the newest voices in parentin...

Exterior of the U.S. Supreme Court


What Watching the Endrew F. Supreme Court Case Taught Me About Nuance and FAPE

On Wednesday, January 11, the U.S. Supreme Court spent an hour discussing not only how the words use...

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