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Student walking out of school alone


School Suspensions Take a Toll on Kids With IEPs and 504 Plans

Why are students with IEPs more than twice as likely as their peers to be suspended? Why do so many...

Mother and son in airport


Some Airports Now Offer Sensory-Friendly and Quiet Rooms for Kids

With big crowds, loud noises and strange smells, airports can be overwhelming places for kids with A...

Photo of the U.S. Supreme Court


Endrew F. Case Decided: Supreme Court Rules on How Much Benefit IEPs Must Provide

The Supreme Court ruled today that Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) must give kids with disa...

Exterior of the U.S. Supreme Court


With Endrew F. Case, Supreme Court Will Decide How Much Benefit an IEP Must Provide

Under federal special education law, an IEP must provide “educational benefit.” But how much of an e...

Students getting on school bus


5 Recent Guidance Letters on Special Education to Know About

The last 12 months have been very busy for the U.S. Department of Education (US ED). US ED issued se...

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