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See things from the teacher’s perspective. Find out what educators who work with kids with learning and attention issues wish parents knew.

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Mother and daughter meeting with teacher


Teacher Tip: An Easier Way to Connect With Your Child’s Middle and High School Teachers

In grade school, your child with learning and attention issues spends most of her time in a single c...

Siblings on a ride in an amusement park


Teacher Tip: The Most Fun Way to Build Reading Skills for Back-to-School

Back-to-school will be here before you know it. You may be looking for ways to help your child with...

Students listening in class


Teacher Tip: How to Help Your Child Pay Attention (Just Think SLANT)

“Pay attention!” “You need to focus.” “Are you listening?” If you have a child with attention issues...

Screenshot of “Oktapodi”


Teacher Tip: Use Animated Videos to Help Your Child Learn to Make Inferences

A dog is waiting near an empty water bowl. What’s the dog feeling? You probably guessed that the dog...

Mom helping daughter with homework


Teacher Tip: Switch the Homework Order

For better or worse, homework is part of school. There are some basic, universal tips to help homewo...

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