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See things from the teacher’s perspective. Find out what educators who work with kids with learning and attention issues wish parents knew.

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Students listening in class


Teacher Tip: How to Help Your Child Pay Attention (Just Think SLANT)

“Pay attention!” “You need to focus.” “Are you listening?” If you have a child with attention issues...

Screenshot of “Oktapodi”


Teacher Tip: Use Animated Videos to Help Your Child Learn to Make Inferences

A dog is waiting near an empty water bowl. What’s the dog feeling? You probably guessed that the dog...

Mom helping daughter with homework


Teacher Tip: Switch the Homework Order

For better or worse, homework is part of school. There are some basic, universal tips to help homewo...

Students stretching in classrom


Teacher Tip: My “Go To” Calming Technique for Overstimulated Kids

There are many techniques out there to help kids calm down. But my “go to” calming technique—especia...

Highlighter being used to learn writing skills


Teacher Tip: A Simple Highlighter Trick to Help Your Child With Writing

If your child is a struggling writer or has dysgraphia, she may have poor handwriting and trouble wi...

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