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Read personal takes on the highs and lows of learning and attention issues, and everything in between. Parents share stories about their journey.

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Stepfather and teen


It’s Hard Enough to Bond With Stepkids—Try Adding Learning Issues to the Mix

When I was 30, I met the woman who would later become my wife. After we’d been dating for a while, s...

Girls bullying their classmate


When Mean Girls Bullied My Daughter Because of Her Learning Issues

Like other parents, I’ve heard stories about mean kids. I’ve watched television interviews of parent...

Mother yelling at son


When Yelling, Like ADHD, Runs in the Family

I come from a large family that likes to talk loud and yell even louder. As a child, I never noticed...

Boy with tutor


Why I Chose Extra Help for My Son Over Extracurricular Activities

When I sat down for my son’s IEP meeting in seventh grade, I expected to hear what I’d been hearing...

Private school students in hallway


My Kids’ Experience With Special Education at Catholic School

Both my kids were diagnosed with learning and attention issues at an early age. Both get special edu...

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