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Upset student sitting at desk


What Having the “Wrong” Teacher Taught Me About My Son With ADHD

Over the years, my son’s ADHD caused him grief in school. But not every year. One year could be a go...

A classroom


Potty Humor Not Allowed: Why My 6-Year-Old’s IEP Needs a Reboot

A few months ago, I was reading a Facebook post by a mom of a teen with an IEP whose school had cont...

An IEP meeting


Not an IEP or a 504 Plan—It’s Our Mediation Agreement

Like many parents, when I think about school services for my kids, I usually think about an IEP or a...

A mother and son enjoy a day together in the park.


I Just Want to Be My Son’s Mom, Not His Private IEP Case Manager

I was on the phone with my editor when the email came through from my teenage son’s school. Glancing...

Child sits in office chair


Take Your (Hyperactive) Child to Work Day

Most kids are curious about where their parents go every day when they head off to work. When my son...

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