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Read personal takes on the highs and lows of learning and attention issues, and everything in between. Parents share stories about their journey.

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Photo of Amanda Morin and her son


Why I Stopped Saying “Sorry” as a Mom (and Started Saying “No”)

Last week two school emails landed in my inbox. One asked for volunteers for a PTA event. The other...

Photo of "The Big Bang Theory"


5 “Big Bang Theory” Quotes That Make Me a Better Parent

Anyone who knows me well knows I love the TV show The Big Bang Theory. If you haven’t seen it, you’...

Photo of Jacob and Amanda Morin


Why I Stopped Saying “Have a Good Day” to My Son

“Have a good day at school!” It’s something almost all parents say as they (often frantically) get t...

Photo of the author's 3 children.


My Kids Have Both Autism and Learning and Attention Issues, and It’s Complicated

I have three children. Two of my kids have autism, two have learning and attention issues, and one h...

Close-up of a child opening a present while his mother and sister look on


Want Need Wear Read: The Holiday Gift Strategy That Works for My Kids

Picture a room strewn with crumpled-up wrapping paper, ripped-open boxes and new toys with little pa...

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