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Read personal takes on the highs and lows of learning and attention issues, and everything in between. Parents share stories about their journey.

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Boy giving his father a heartfelt hug


Please Don’t Buy Me a Father’s Day Gift (And Here’s Why)

This is for my wife: Don’t buy me a gift for Father’s Day. I know you’ve got a million things on you...

Young boy at home intently playing a game of foosball


Dear Son, School’s Important but It’s Not Everything

When I was in first grade—three decades ago—I don’t remember there being much homework. And I defini...

Close-up of a young boy taking a timid bite of a messy hotdog


How My Son and I Ended Our Food Fight

My son loves hot dogs. He loves hot dog buns. But be warned: If you put a hot dog in a bun and give...

Father telling a story to his son who is engaged and imagining what he hears


How I Got My Child to Remember Something: Visualize It

At the start of the school year, I was so frustrated I nearly pulled my hair out. My son kept forget...

Boy and girl waiting for bus outside school


Why I Let My Son Wear Shorts in the Winter

It’s a blustery 35 degrees outside and we’re waiting at the school bus stop. All the kids are millin...

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