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Dyslexia therapist Kim Ray and paraprofessionals at Berryville School


Arkansas School District Tackles Dyslexia Training, With a Push From New Dyslexia Law

Berryville is a small town of 5,500 in the northwest corner of Arkansas. It’s also one of the many c...

Madison Edwards with Missouri Rep. Sandy Crawford, DDMO member Marla McKan and Missouri Sen. Mike Parsons at Decoding Dyslexia MO Hill Day.


Dyslexia Advocacy Runs in This Missouri Family

The Edwards family of Springfield, Missouri, is committed to making a difference for kids with dysle...

Jack Owens


Teen Tech Whiz With Dyslexia Shares His Expertise to Help Others

When you have dyslexia, it’s important to find the tools that can help you. That’s a lesson teenager...

Teachers Jenna Branch and Mary Rhodes, 2015 "It Takes a Village" Award winners.


How 6 Days of Dyslexia Training Made a Big Impact on a School District

This year, Illinois teachers Jenna Branch and Mary Rhodes received the “It Takes a Village” Award fr...

Sophia Granucci holding up a sign with “My name is Sophia” used for a video she sent her teacher


“Dear Teacher, I Have Dyslexia,” Explains Fifth Grader in Self-Advocacy Video

“Dear 5th grade teacher, My name is Sophia. I am exsidid to be in your class. I want you to know… I...

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