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Husband, wife, son and daughter enjoying a family meal together


How I Tweaked Family Dinner to Make Room for My Daughter’s Processing Issues

Until recently, our family rarely ate dinner together. Our kids are 9 and 14, and as they’ve gotten...

Website for Dav Pilkey’s new book


With New “Captain Underpants” Book, It’s My Daughter’s Turn to Enjoy Reading

“I was so happy…until school started.” That’s how Dav Pilkey, author of the very famous Captain Unde...

Parents relaxing outdoors at a beach house laughing and checking their phones


I’m Taking a Summer Break From Learning and Attention Issues

No more homework! No more books! School is finally out, and my kids are looking forward to their wel...

Screen clip of the character Anger from the movies “Inside Out”


Thank You, Pixar: Why “Inside Out” Is Great for Kids With Attention Issues

Both of my kids have attention issues. We talk a lot about emotions and needing to control them. I’v...

Girl working on an iPad with wheelchair in background


Why I’m Open About My Daughter’s Dyslexia

There are many supports and accommodations for kids with learning and attention issues. But I know a...

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