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ESSA Update: 6 Months Later, Parents Get a Say

This is a great time to speak up and advocate for your child! Both the U.S. Department of Education...

Child and mom standing in front of the Jones-Gordon School


How One School Is Personalizing Learning—and Honoring My Mom in the Process

This year, I visited the Jones-Gordon school in Arizona. It’s named, in part, after my late mother,...

Young children socializing in school hallway


After No Child Left Behind, 9 Things to Expect for Kids With Learning and Attention Issues

At the end of 2015, Congress put an end to No Child Left Behind and replaced it with a new law: the...

Teacher helping a student with the aid of a digital tablet


How I Explain the Idea of “Chevy vs. Cadillac” Special Education

Let’s say your child is eligible for special education. What types of services does she deserve in h...

College students interacting while working on computers


Opportunity and High Expectations Can Be a Powerful Combination

“It’s a misperception that students with [learning and attention issues] can’t do well. We should ha...

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