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Young girl with a camp counselor working on a crafts project outdoors with other groups working in the background


Eyeing a Unique Camp for My Daughter

Raising a child who learns differently can make you approach the world differently. That’s certainly...

Lyn Pollard dyslexia blog


Why I’m Celebrating Getting the Word “Dyslexia” Into My Daughter’s IEP

Over the years, my husband and I have had many goals for getting our daughter the best help possible...

Tracy Johnson


Tracy Johnson Shares Message About Dyslexia—and Hope—With Low-Income Communities

Tracy Johnson has a message about reading issues. If you can’t read, there’s a reason—and it’s not b...

Family celebrating fall in the woods


What LD Awareness Month Has Meant to Me

October is Learning Disabilities (LD) Awareness month. That’s always an exciting time for those of u...

Close-up of a child drawing on graph paper


What the Perfect Learning Tool Looks Like, According to Kids

Wouldn’t it be great if there were one perfect tool to help kids with learning and attention issues?...

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