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First Week Win is a hashtag campaign to celebrate small successes in the first week back to school


Share Your #FirstWeekWin and Inspire Thousands of Parents

It’s back-to-school time! That means new goals, opportunities and successes. But success doesn’t alw...

Montage of “Parent Promise” entries


Inspiring Promises Made by Parents to Their Children

Want to see love in action? Just look at what parents like you are saying to your kids. In April, Un...

Twitter post of a mom holding up a written “promise” card


Make a Promise to Your Child and We’ll Share It!

Every day at Understood, we see the devotion and love that parents like you have for your kids. It...

Mariel Henkoff and Katie Hastings, Camp Directors of Camp Eye to Eye and National Program Coordinators for twitter chat on Understood


Two Mentors With Learning and Attention Issues Talk About the Power of Role Models

You may have heard about the benefits of mentoring for your child. But have you ever heard about the...

Teens checking out software on their tablet


Assistive Technology Apps Our Twitter Community Loves

What are our Twitter community’s top picks for apps to help students with learning and attention iss...

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