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Photo of Albert Einstein


4 Reasons I Think Albert Einstein May Have Had Dyslexia

It’s no secret that there are a ton of brilliant people with dyslexia. But is it possible to prove o...

A teenager holding a cup of coffee.


7 Things I Learned About Caffeine and Kids With ADHD

When I was in high school, drinking coffee made me feel sophisticated and—I thought—helped me concen...

ADHD Tips From My College Years, by Rae Jacobsen, photo courtesy of Rae Jacobsen


ADHD Tips From My College Years

Doing well in college wasn’t a snap for me. Having ADHD meant I had to be creative when figuring out...

College student stopping to speak with a professor on campus


A Missed Deadline Becomes a Chance to Speak Up About ADHD

A few weeks ago, I nearly missed a deadline—a big problem for a writer. Everyone makes mistakes like...

Sahy Uhns’ album An Intolerant Disdain for Underlings


Sahy Uhns, Musician With Dyslexia, Explains How to Pronounce His Name

When people come across “Sahy Uhns,” the stage name of musician Carl Madison Burgin, they often have...

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