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Kids playing in costumes


How I Got My Son Back: Breaking the Silence on Learning and Attention Issues

When my son was 5, I asked him what he wanted to be for Halloween. “The king,” he said, beaming. So...

Sad mother


First Dyslexia, Now ADHD: Facing My Son’s Second Diagnosis

Sometimes just when you think you have everything figured out for your child, life throws you a curv...

Photo of Suzanne Lang


After One IEP Meeting, My Husband and I Were Finally on the Same Page

My husband and I went to our first IEP meeting together, neither one of us having a clue about what...

Photo of the author.


The Moment I Felt Prouder Than Ever of My Son With Dyslexia and ADHD

I hung up the phone and felt a wave of pride wash over me. I’d been speaking to my son, who’s 19 and...

Student talking at the Education Revolution yearly meeting


EdRev 2015: Learning and Attention Issues Can Bring Us Together

“Normal doesn’t exist in my vocabulary, because normal isn’t what succeeds in this world.” “Embrace...

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