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Girl using tablet


Recent Study Says Little About the Effect of “Train the Brain” Video Game on ADHD Symptoms

Most experts have long agreed that “train the brain” games do not improve attention. But in April, a...

Photo of Tommy Hilfiger


Tommy Hilfiger, Fashion Icon With Dyslexia, Gives Advice to His Younger Self in a New Campaign

If you had a chance to speak to your younger self about learning and attention issues, what would yo...

Students listening in class


Teacher Tip: How to Help Your Child Pay Attention (Just Think SLANT)

“Pay attention!” “You need to focus.” “Are you listening?” If you have a child with attention issues...

Parent reading "State of LD" report


5 Ways Parents Can Use the New “State of LD” Report

Hungry for some good data? Then dig into a new report called The State of Learning Disabilities: Und...

Excited child hiding underneath the sofa


Large-Scale MRI Study Confirms ADHD Brain Differences

A large-scale study has shown differences in brain size between kids with and without ADHD. The rese...

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