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Mom helping daughter with homework


Teacher Tip: Switch the Homework Order

For better or worse, homework is part of school. There are some basic, universal tips to help homewo...

Students stretching in classrom


Teacher Tip: My “Go To” Calming Technique for Overstimulated Kids

There are many techniques out there to help kids calm down. But my “go to” calming technique—especia...

Photo of Betsy DeVos, Special Education


FAQs About Special Education and the New Administration

Understood does not take positions on government policy. Some of our 15 founding partners may, howev...

Highlighter being used to learn writing skills


Teacher Tip: A Simple Highlighter Trick to Help Your Child With Writing

If your child is a struggling writer or has dysgraphia, she may have poor handwriting and trouble wi...

Photo of Henry Winkler


Henry Winkler Provides a Deeper Look at His Struggles With Dyslexia

Henry Winkler has shared a lot about his dyslexia. He’s also the author of a series of children’s bo...

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