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Sarah P. and her sons


Small Success: My Son With ADHD Stood Up to a Bully

One day at school, my youngest son Benjamin, who has ADHD, saw another student being bullied. Benja...

Books on a library shelf


5 Adults With Dyslexia Share the First Book They Loved

For kids with dyslexia, reading a book can be very challenging. But when books tap into their passio...

Photo of Jenn Osen-Foss


Teacher Tip: A System to Help Your Child Read Textbooks More Efficiently

Your middle- or high-schooler comes home with a new assignment: Read and take notes on Section 5-3 o...

Photo of Kristin Kane and her daughter


Small Success: My Daughter With Dyslexia Explained Why “Diner” and “Dinner” Sound Different

I’m a mom of three kids, two of whom have dyslexia. With my oldest, reading just seemed to happen fo...

Teen girl using a cell phone


Brain Network Study Shows Why Executive Function Improves as Kids Get Older

We know that executive function develops over time. Now, we may have a better idea of why—and how. A...

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