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Excited child hiding underneath the sofa


Large-Scale MRI Study Confirms ADHD Brain Differences

A large-scale study has shown differences in brain size between kids with and without ADHD. The rese...

Screenshot of “Oktapodi”


Teacher Tip: Use Animated Videos to Help Your Child Learn to Make Inferences

A dog is waiting near an empty water bowl. What’s the dog feeling? You probably guessed that the dog...

Photo of the White House


FAQs About the Administration’s Budget Proposal and Education Funding

Understood does not take positions on government policy. Some of our 15 founding partners may, howev...

Teen writing on laptop


How I Owned It: 3 College Application Essays About Learning and Attention Issues

Many students (and parents) wonder if it’s a good idea to disclose their learning and attention issu...

Mom helping daughter with homework


Teacher Tip: Switch the Homework Order

For better or worse, homework is part of school. There are some basic, universal tips to help homewo...

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