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5 Adults With Dyslexia Share the First Book They Loved

For kids with dyslexia, reading a book can be very challenging. But when books tap into their passio...

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How I Owned It: 3 College Application Essays About Learning and Attention Issues

Many students (and parents) wonder if it’s a good idea to disclose their learning and attention issu...

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Our Community Weighs In: 20 Things Parents Wish People Knew About ADHD

No one knows your child better than you do. And in our Facebook community, families were eager to of...

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#DeviceFreeDinner: How 5 Families Took Technology Off the Dinner Table

Eating dinner together as a family can help boost your child’s social skills and self-esteem, and it...

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How to #BeUnderstood Throughout Your Child’s Journey

Raising a child with learning and attention issues is a journey, where new questions and challenges...

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