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Image of an AMC theatre from outside


AMC Expands Sensory-Friendly Movie Showings

If you have a child with sensory processing issues, you know that going to the movies can be tough.... See More

Justin Theroux


Justin Theroux Joins Wife Jennifer Aniston in Opening Up About Dyslexia

Justin Theroux is known for many things. He’s the star of the HBO series, The Leftovers. He’s also a... See More

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Department of Education Awards $14 Million for an Important Parent Resource

You may have heard about a powerful resource that can help parents of kids with learning and attenti... See More

Parents Are Talking About

U.S. Department of Education Encourages Schools to Use the Terms “Dyslexia,” “Dysgraphia” and “Dyscalculia” in IEPs

OT is helpful for dysgraphia and one and one tutoring helped my son profoundly with his dyslexia. I...

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18 days ago

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