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Two Eye to Eye mentors holding up signs


Two Teens With Learning Issues Hear College Pep Talk From Michelle Obama

College-bound teens Jake Young and Matt Pashby Jr. are likely to remember the date July 23, 2015, fo... See More

Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner


Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner: Passing the ADA 25 Years Ago Was a “Huge Milestone”

Twenty-five years ago this month, Congress passed the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This la... See More

outside of a courthouse building


Settlement in Dyslexia Discrimination Case Shows the System at Work

By law, employers can’t discriminate against workers with disabilities. That includes learning disab... See More

Parents Are Talking About

TA Center Will Be a New Ally for College Students

@millie0416:  Yes, students with autism will be eligible for assistance from TA Centers. For these c...

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86 days ago

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