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Settlement in Dyslexia Discrimination Case Shows the System at Work

By law, employers can’t discriminate against workers with disabilities. That includes learning disab... See More

Teacher working one-on-one on the computer with a gifted student who also has learning issues


A Government Reminder to Schools: Don’t Overlook Twice-Exceptional Kids

Many gifted children also have learning or attention issues. But if they’re doing well in school, th... See More

Screen clip of the character Anger from the movies “Inside Out”


Thank You, Pixar: Why “Inside Out” Is Great for Kids With Attention Issues

Both of my kids have attention issues. We talk a lot about emotions and needing to control them. I’v... See More

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TA Center Will Be a New Ally for College Students

@millie0416:  Yes, students with autism will be eligible for assistance from TA Centers. For these c...

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58 days ago

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