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Teen speaker Ben Cooper


Eighth Grader Speaks Out for Kids With Dyslexia at SXSWedu

Ben Cooper likes speaking in front of big groups of people. “I’d love to speak every day,” the eight...

Dr. Robert C. Young


A Doctor With ADHD Turned Giving Back Into a Lasting Legacy

The saying goes, “physician, heal thyself.” That’s exactly what Dr. Robert C. Young set out to do as...

8th grade class prize winners with their teacher


Eighth Graders Win Prize for App to Help People With Dyslexia

A group of hardworking teens is trying to make reading easier for people with dyslexia. Meet team Mi...

Parents Are Talking About

“Harry Potter” Star Gives Dyspraxia Advice

Can you please provide more info on the gene altered vaccines?  I don't want to stir up anything abo...

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8 days ago

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