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Back view of students at their commencement ceremony


Graduation Rates for Kids With Learning and Attention Issues Rise—but Slowly

The government recently released good news about high school graduation rates. More kids than ever a...

Student being evaluated by a school counselor


Why Estimates About the Number of Kids With ADHD Vary

How many kids in the world have ADHD? According to a recent study in the journal Pediatrics the answ...

Close-up of a grade school age boy working on a laptop at home


Lawmakers and Advocates Work to Plug Gaps in Student Privacy Law

Apps and online tools for kids with learning issues are popping up in schools everywhere. And they c...

Parents Are Talking About

TA Center Will Be a New Ally for College Students

@millie0416:  Yes, students with autism will be eligible for assistance from TA Centers. For these c...

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