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Dyslexia Toolbox Nails Down Some Features

In the News blog post by Geri Coleman Tucker
Nov 14, 2014

Finally, an app that helps me tell left from right. While that’s not the top feature of Brainbook’s Dyslexia Toolbox, it’s a feature that is near and dear to me as a person who is directionally challenged.

Dyslexia Toolbox is a free app on Apple iTunes and a recent addition to the Apple app store. It’s an app made “by dyslexics for dyslexics,” according to Gary Smith, CEO and founder of Brainbook. Smith has dyslexia and is an outspoken advocate for the dyslexia community. He developed the app with the help of his friend, graphic designer Brett Bramall, who also has dyslexia.

Brainbook touts several features of Dyslexia Toolbox that could prove useful for people with dyslexia. First, there’s overlay. That lets people turn their smartphone into a digital overlay that allows them to read text through a color screen. Smith says the use of overlays that change color and typeface can be helpful to some readers with dyslexia.

Another feature lets you use your camera to photograph, crop and turn text into digital document reader that can read the text back to you. However, while the Dyslexia Toolbox app is free, the document reader feature is not. It requires an in-app purchase of tokens. You can get 10 tokens for 99 cents; 30 tokens for $1.99 and so on. Then there’s an additional charge if you want to use the app without dealing with ads.

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