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A Second Look at the Dyslexie Font

In the News blog post by Geri Coleman Tucker
Dec 04, 2014

Close-up of letters in the dyslexie font

Have you heard about the Dyslexie font? The font has been around for several years. But it recently received a lot of attention at an international design conference that highlights creative and revolutionary ideas.

Dyslexie is designed in a way that makes the letters of the alphabet more clearly different from one another. Some letters are tilted, or have wider openings or thicker bottom halves, which may make them less likely to confuse the reader. “By changing the shape of the characters so that each is distinctly unique, the letters will no longer match one another when rotated, flipped or mirrored,” says designer Christian Boer in an interview with Dezeen magazine.

Boer, who has dyslexia, created the typeface in 2008. At the time, he was working on his thesis at the Utrecht Art Academy in the Netherlands. Boer told Dezeen that regular typefaces make reading harder for people with dyslexia because letters like b, p and d are easily confused.

So far, only a few books are available in English in the Dyslexie font. The Neon Tiki Tribe series of books are an example. Some websites also offer the font. Friends of Quinn, which serves young adults with learning and attention issues, is in the Dyslexie font. (Friends of Quinn is a program of the National Center for Learning Disabilities, a founding partner of Understood.)

To get the Dyslexie font, you’ll need to download it to your computer. You can use it in your web browser to read text, type, surf the Internet and even print documents. The download is free for home use. Schools and businesses must pay a fee.

OpenDyslexic is a similar font that’s also free to download.

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