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video clip from 12-year-old Isley Hermansen's #LikeADyslexic video that inspired Richard Branson


12-Year Old’s #LikeADyslexic Video Inspires Richard Branson

Isley Hermansen is becoming an advocate for people with dyslexia early. She’s just 12 years old. But...

Active grade-schooler running ahead of her friends


News: Study Suggests Squirming May Help Some Kids With ADHD Learn

Could fidgeting, squirming and toe-tapping make it easier to learn? For some kids with attention-def...

Teens attending an employment workshop


New Career Resource Coming for Kids With Learning and Attention Issues

Is your teen with learning and attention issues starting to look for work? Help is on the way for ma...

Parents Are Talking About

TA Center Will Be a New Ally for College Students

@millie0416:  Yes, students with autism will be eligible for assistance from TA Centers. For these c...

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29 days ago

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