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Photo of Gabby Edison and Officer Scotty Dail


Officer Helps Teen With Dyslexia Triumph Over Driver’s Test

Gabby Edison, a teen driver with dyslexia, is thrilled that she can finally use horsepower, instead... See More

Photo of Rebecca Laffar-Smith


Her Son With Dyslexia Didn’t Like to Read, So She Wrote a Book He Loved

When Rebecca Laffar-Smith’s son Joshua was in grade school, he would shut down at the mention of any... See More

Dyslexia therapist Kim Ray and paraprofessionals at Berryville School


Arkansas School District Tackles Dyslexia Training, With a Push From New Dyslexia Law

Berryville is a small town of 5,500 in the northwest corner of Arkansas. It’s also one of the many c... See More

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