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Make a Promise to Your Child and We’ll Share It!

News About Understood blog post by Maggie Hsu
Apr 22, 2015

Twitter post of a mom holding up a written “promise” card

Every day at Understood, we see the devotion and love that parents like you have for your kids.

It shows through the questions you ask, the comments you leave and your willingness to share Understood with others. You’ve got an incredible commitment to making sure kids get the support they need to be successful in school and in life. It’s inspiring.

That’s why we decided to come up with an easy and fun way to honor you.

It’s called #ParentPromise. Here’s how you can participate.

  1. Make a promise to your kids—or to all kids with learning and attention issues.
  2. Write your promise down on white paper and snap a selfie.
  3. Post your photo to Twitter or share it as a public post on your Facebook page. Make sure to use the hashtag #ParentPromise in your post.

We’ll retweet or share as many photos as we can. And every publicly shared #ParentPromise will receive a reply from Understood.

You’ll be joined by parents from EdRev 2015, this weekend’s conference on learning and attention issues in San Francisco. Parents from Understood and its partners Parents Education Network and NCLD will also post #ParentPromise selfies.

Remember, every #ParentPromise will get a shout-out from Understood. But you have to post your promise before Sunday, April 26.

Here are a few great #ParentPromise examples to get you started.

I promise to…

hug you every day before we leave the house, even if we’re running late.

I promise to…

look you in the eye when you’re telling me about your day.

I promise to…

have a sit-down family dinner once a week.

I promise to…

take 10 minutes to hear all about your favorite video game or book.

I promise to…

be there when you fall, and support you as you get back up again.

I promise to…

stand up for you and teach you how to stand up for yourself.

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