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Share Your #FirstWeekWin and Inspire Thousands of Parents

News About Understood blog post by Maggie Hsu
Aug 14, 2015

First Week Win is a hashtag campaign to celebrate small successes in the first week back to school

It’s back-to-school time! That means new goals, opportunities and successes. But success doesn’t always comes with big leaps—or with a trophy at the end. Often it’s the small “wins” that lead to meaningful progress throughout the year.

We want to give you a chance to celebrate these wins by sharing them on social media with the hashtag #FirstWeekWin.

Here’s how it works:

Share a public post on Facebook or Twitter about a successful moment—big or small—that your child has during the first week of school. Tag your post #FirstWeekWin. You can even share a related back-to-school photo with your #FirstWeekWin or share your story via video.

Here are a few #FirstWeekWin examples:

  • “We made it to school on time on the first day—even after four outfit changes.” #FirstWeekWin
  • “My son got his classwork done because he got the directions in writing, as well as verbally.” #FirstWeekWin
  • “My daughter proofread her worksheet and corrected a mistake on her own.” #FirstWeekWin
  • “Over the break, I realized that ‘chore cards’ (laminated index cards) work better for my son because he doesn’t like lists. So we made a set for his school-day routine. He flipped through it every day—and stayed pretty much on track!” #FirstWeekWin
  • “My daughter asked for a seat closer to the front of the classroom so she could see the board.” #FirstWeekWin
  • “My son remembered to take his lunch every day this week!” #FirstWeekWin
  • “My daughter organized her backpack without any help or pestering from us.” #FirstWeekWin

We’ll collect every #FirstWeekWin story, photo and video we receive and re-share them on Facebook and Twitter. So when you share with the #FirstWeekWin hashtag, you’ll be inspiring other parents to celebrate their little wins, too.

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