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Assistive Technology Apps Our Twitter Community Loves

The Inside Track blog post by Maggie Hsu
Mar 16, 2015

Teens checking out software on their tablet

What are our Twitter community’s top picks for apps to help students with learning and attention issues?

That’s one of the topics we covered at our February #LDchat on assistive technology (AT) basics. Our audience talked about how apps are transforming how we read, write and organize our thoughts.

Tech consultant Jamie Martin pointed out that it’s important to identify a goal before choosing an AT tool.

With that in mind, members of our community shared their favorite apps and tech tools.

A few members brought up Evernote. This software for notetaking lets users record lectures.

Others cited WordQ for word prediction and OneNote as great for organization.

Read&Write for Chrome and Voice Dream Reader were popular choices for accessing text.

Marvin Williams, an AT professional, said many people already have tools on their computers without knowing it. He brought up Microsoft Office Tools for PC and Apple’s OS system. The recent versions of both have text-to-speech (TTS) built in.

For more great technology ideas from our Twitter community, take a look at the full #LDchat on AT basics.

And make sure to get in on the discussion! Join us every Wednesday at 12 pm ET for new ideas and tips on learning and attention issues. Just visit and type #LDchat into the search bar.

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