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Start School Strong Week 1: Get Organized

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Aug 01, 2016

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Preparing to jump back into school mode can be tough for kids with learning and attention issues. That’s especially true of kids who have poor organization skills. But putting the right systems and strategies in place can help your child (and you) kick off the year with everything ready to go.

“My middle-schooler is expected to be more and more organized as the years of school go by, but there's no class to teach kids organizational skills.” —A parent from the Understood community

That’s why this week for Start School Strong, we’re focused on ways to get organized. You’ll find tips and resources on topics like setting up your child’s backpack and organizing school records. Check out the schedule of things to read and things to do this week.








Next week, we’re focusing on an area that’s tricky for a lot of kids with learning and attention issues: feelings and social skills. We’ll share tips and resources for helping your child cope with emotions and social situations at school.

Get a sneak peek at upcoming Start School Strong topics.

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