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Start School Strong Week 4: Start a Conversation

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Aug 22, 2016

A parent teacher conference

Being able to communicate with your child’s teacher is important all year long. But it helps to begin the dialogue at the very start of school. The teacher can be a great advocate for your child and a great source of information for you.

It’s just as important to have open communication with your child about issues surrounding the start of school. After all, you’re her biggest supporter.

“He has started improving in school. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a bumpy road but we’re handling it much better now. His teacher and I are in constant communication with each other.” —A parent from the Understood Community

Our focus this week for Start School Strong is on building strong relationships and finding ways to talk with your child’s teacher and your child. We’ll offer tips on how to write an introductory letter to the teacher. We’ll also share strategies for talking to your child about going back to school.

Here’s what to read and do this week:








Next week’s lineup is all about getting ready to manage your child’s supports and services for the coming year. We’ll be covering IEPs, 504 plans, RTI and other services.

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