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At a Glance: Self-Care Hurdles for Tweens

By Erica Patino

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In middle school, the way kids look and present themselves is important. Here are some common self-care hurdles and how you might help your tween put her best foot forward.

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At a Glance: Self-Care Hurdles for Tweens

Your tween’s appearance matters in middle school, even if she doesn’t realize it. Some kids with learning and attention issues may have more trouble understanding self-care at this age. Here are some issues you might see.

Your tween’s body is changing, but her hygiene isn’t.

Example: Your tween has started getting body odor and has developed hair on her legs and under her arms. But she hasn’t asked you what to do about it.
What you might do: Talk to your child about the changes she’s going through, and how good self-care can help her feel confident and make friends. Show her how to shave, and help her pick out a deodorant she likes. Get an extra deodorant to keep in her locker or backpack.
our tween isn’t aware of the message her clothes send.

Example: It’s hot on the first day of school. Instead of putting on clean shorts, your child insists on wearing the dirty, wrinkled ones from yesterday. She doesn’t seem to care.
What you might do: She may not even consider that others will notice her dress. Talk about the importance of looking neat and clean now that she’s older. On the
weekends, help her plan out her outfits for the week and do laundry together. Eventually you can turn that job over to her.

Your tween gets rushed and skimps on self-care.

Example: Your child takes forever to do things in the morning and loses track of time. She ends up being so rushed that when she gets to school her hair is tangled and her teeth aren’t brushed.
What you might do: Talk to her about how she might change her routine to leave enough time. She could shower and pick out clothes the night before. In the morning she could eat breakfast, brush her teeth and hair, and then get dressed so everything’s done when she leaves.
Graphic of At a Glance: Self-Care Hurdles for Tweens
Graphic of At a Glance: Self-Care Hurdles for Tweens

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