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What Are Some Examples of Cyberbullying?

By Caroline Knorr

Someone took a photo of my kid, wrote a silly caption and texted it to the entire school. Does that count as cyberbullying? What are some other types of cyberbullying?

Usually, cyberbullying is characterized by repeated cruelty. Whether this was a thoughtless, one-time prank or a more deliberate act of cruelty, it sounds like your child was humiliated over and over as other kids saw the picture. That makes it cyberbullying. Hopefully, the child’s parents were notified and your child recovered.

Here are some other examples of behavior that could cross the line into cyberbullying:

  • Sending a mean email or IM to someone
  • Posting mean things about someone on a website
  • Making fun of someone in an online chat
  • Doing mean things to someone’s character in an online world
  • Creating a hostile environment in an online world or game
  • Impersonating someone online—including creating a fake online profile
  • Repeatedly texting someone to the point of harassment
  • Directly threatening or intimidating someone online or in a text
  • Starting rumors or spreading gossip online
  • Stealing someone’s password and logging into someone else’s account
  • Taking a photo or video and sharing it without the subject’s consent, knowing it might be embarrassing

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