At a Glance: Who Can Help With Bullying

By Lexi Walters Wright

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If your child is being bullied, she needs to know where she can turn to find help. Tell her it’s safe to share what’s happening to her with these trusted adults. Sharing her bullying story can help empower her to defend herself and not feel like a victim.

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At a Glance: Who Can Help With Bullying

Just knowing there are adults your child can turn to can help make her feel safer. Even if they can’t actually solve her bullying problem, they can offer advice and support in other important ways.

At Home
• Parents
• Primary caregiver (nanny, babysitter, etc.)
• Siblings
• Grandparents and extended family

In the Community
• Close neighbors
• Scout or group leader
• Coach
• Police ocer
• Religious education leader
• Doctor
• Therapist

At School
• Classroom teacher
• Resource teacher
• Classroom aide
• Lunchroom monitor
• Recess monitor
• Guidance counselor
• Principal or administrator
• Service providers,such as speech therapists
• Supportive friends

Remind your child that reporting bullying is not tattling. It’s an important and responsible thing to do. And it’s necessary to help stop the problem of bullying.
Graphic of At a Glance: Who Can Help With Bullying
Graphic of At a Glance: Who Can Help With Bullying

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