Checklist: Questions That Can Help Teens Build Self-Awareness

By Erica Patino

Self-awareness helps teens understand who they are. This includes being aware of their strengths, weaknesses and feelings—and figuring out how to make decisions based on this knowledge.

Use this printable checklist to get an idea of how self-aware your teen is. Suggest that he look at the checklist again in a few months to see if anything’s changed. And consider having your teen ask you the same questions. This could make the project more fun for him, plus give you a chance to model these skills.

Know Yourself
Value Yourself and Others
Plan Ahead
Take Action
Learn From Experiences

Self-awareness is a skill many teens can have trouble understanding—and even adults, too! But knowing that self-awareness is valuable and answering the questions on this list are good first steps for your teen. You can also use other tips to help your teen gain self-awareness, whether he’s in middle school or high school.

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