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At a Glance: How to Create a Confidence-Boosting First Resume

By Peg Rosen

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Is your teen hoping to find a job but unclear how to make her resume sing? These tips can help your child focus on strengths and put together a great first resume.

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At a Glance: How to Create a Confidence-Boosting First Resume

No job experience? No worries. Here are tips to help your teen with learning and attention issues emphasize strengths and build a winning first resume.

Take Advantage of Technology
Most word processing programs, such as Microsoft Word, include ready-made templates for resumes. They make it easy for your teen to organize information and make changes when necessary.

Make Obective Simple
Show professionalism by using career terms, and keep the objectives general enough so that your child could be
considered for a range of jobs.
Example Objective field: An entry-level summer position in the culinary field with the potential for ongoing employment.

Think Beyond Grades
Elective and vocational courses can provide practical experience where traditional academics can’t. Here’s your child’s chance to let related coursework shine. Extracurricular activities and sports also matter. They show that your teen is active and enthusiastic. Any award for effort or achievement is a must to mention.

Example Education Field:

Mendham, NC
Anticipated diploma: June 2015 GPA: [optional]
Specialized Coursework:
Home Economics (Freshman Year)
Nutrition for Health (Sophomore Year)
Food Science Technology (Senior Yaer)
Extracurricular activities:
Varsity Volleyball, Most improved player 2010-present
Art Club 2010-present

Showcase Life Experience
Add volunteer experiences, as well as paid work. Unpaid work not only builds skills. It shows that your child is civic minded and has a good work ethic.

Example Work Experience Field:
The Gerry School
Mendham, NC
School Concession Assistant
Set up and take down food concessions at school events
Fill orders for snack bar foods
Maintain clean and sanitary work environment

Round Out the Picture
Show off specific skills that might come in handy on the job.
Example Skills Field:
Proficient in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint
Experienced using chef’s knives and kitchen equipment
Graphic of 7 tips for creating a confidence-boosting first resume
Graphic of 7 tips for creating a confidence-boosting first resume

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