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Checklist: Questions to Ask About Common Core State Standards

By The Understood Team

Over 40 states have adopted Common Core State Standards. This new system is changing expectations about what students should be taught and when. The changes affect both general and special education students. Here are some important questions to ask your school about what Common Core means for your child.

Questions for Parents of All Students
Questions for Parents Who Suspect Their Child Has a Learning or Attention Issue
Questions for Parents Whose Child Has an IEP or 504 Plan

Asking good questions can help you stay on top of changes happening at school. Find out when your child is expected to learn certain academic skills with our grade-by-grade guide to Common Core. It’s also useful to understand which accommodations will be available on Common Core tests.

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The Understood Team is composed of writers, editors and community moderators, many of whom have children with learning and attention issues.

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