At a Glance: Who’s on the RTI Team

By Amanda Morin

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Response to intervention teams are made up of a number of people. The exact members may differ from school to school. But this overview explains who’s likely to be on the RTI team and what their roles are.

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At a Glance: Who’s on the RTI Team

Who’s on your school’s response to intervention (RTI) team? Here are the team members who commonly help identify struggling students and see how they’re responding to different levels of academic support.

Administrator/ School Principal
• Oversees the administrative details of RTI
• Assigns staff to work with students
• Consults with teachers and attends RTI meetings

RTI Coordinator
• Schedules meetings
• Maintains RTI data and tracks student progress
• Keeps in touch with parents

Classroom Teacher
• Delivers classwide instruction and helps with screening all students
• Provides targeted interventions to small groups of students as needed
• Keeps documentation on student progress that helps the RTI team tell how well interventions are working
• Attends RTI meetings and keeps in touch with parents

Special Education Teacher
• Consults with classroom teachers on ways to teach struggling students
• Helps create and put into place RTI plans for struggling students
• Provides more intensive interventions, if needed

Literacy/Reading Specialists
• Helps choose, use and interpret student screenings
• Helps select teaching materials and methods
• Helps monitor students’ progress
• Works with parents on things to do at home to help

• May be asked to attend some meetings and to work with their child at home on different skills
• Provide helpful information about their child’s background and developmental history
• Follow their child’s progress via information provided by the school
• Can request an evaluation for special education services if concerned about their child’s lack of progress

School Psychologist
• Administers some student assessments and participates in team meetings
• Provides training to other RTI team members
• Comes up with behavior intervention plans for individual students, if needed

Speech-Language Therapist
• Administers student assessments and participates in team meetings
• Works with students whose language issues are affecting their academic skills
Graphic of At a Glance: Who’s on the RTI team
Graphic of At a Glance: Who’s on the RTI team

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