At a Glance: Skills Educational Therapists Work On

By Amanda Morin

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Some kids with learning and attention issues need extra help to master schoolwork. If your child does, you might consider hiring an educational therapist. Educational therapists are different from tutors. Here are skills educational therapists can work on with your child.

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5 Skills Education Therapists Can Work On

Educational therapists are specially trained to work on skills with kids who have learning and attention issues. Here’s a quick look at some of the skills they can help your child practice and learn.

• Phonemic awareness: Hearing and playing with the small sounds in words
• Print awareness: Learning how to hold a book and follow words and sentences
• Vocabulary: Learning the names, the meanings of things, feelings and ideas; connecting them to real life

• Decoding: Recognizing letters and their sounds; learning how to sound out and recognize words
• Fluency: Reading smoothly and with inflection
• Narrative skills: Being able to describe, tell, retell and understand stories
• Comprehension: Understanding the main idea and important details; understanding the literal meaning but also drawing conclusions

• Mechanics: Practicing how to make letters and write sentences; practicing pencil grip
• Pre-writing: Organizing thoughts; mapping and outlining ideas
• Writing: Working on different types of writing, such as persuasive, narrative and expository
• Editing: Re-reading, checking and revising work

• Basic concepts: Working with patterns, sorting, number sets, number sense and recognition
• Computation: Working on math facts, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
• Strategy: Solving word problems; using formulas; reading and using data

Executive Functioning
• Metacognition:Finding ways to look at and understand how you learn
• Memory: Finding ways to improve short- and long-term recall of information
• Organization:Creating ways to organize belongings and thoughts
• Flexible thinking: Helping to learn how to approach problems in many ways; dealing with change in routines and structure
Graphic of 5 Skills education therapists can work on
Graphic of 5 Skills education therapists can work on

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