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Ask her for feedback.

What you can do

When your child is calm, ask her to describe how school or camp handles transitioning from one activity to the next. You can also ask her for feedback on how you handle transitions at home. See if she has any suggestions on how to make these transitions smoother.

What you can say

“Sofia, did your teacher do anything special to help your class finish looking at the science fair exhibits? What did she do to get everyone back to the classroom on time? Were the transitions the way you expected they’d be? Tell me how she did it. I’m always interested in the way people do these things.”

Why this will help

It’s often helpful to use similar strategies and language at home, at school and in afterschool activities. Consistency can make it easier for your child to recognize what’s happening and understand what she’s expected to do. Making routines clearer can help her focus on specific information without becoming confused or overwhelmed.

Getting your child’s feedback can also be very useful. Incorporating her ideas can help make the language and strategies you use more meaningful to her.

28Found this helpful
28Found this helpful

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