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Be a homework detective.

What you can do

Check on your child to see how her homework is coming along. Try to do this as subtly as you can.

What you can say

“Sofia, I just thought I’d drop in and see if you wanted something to drink or eat. You’ve been at this for a while, which is great. How are you coming along? Was this a big night of assignments or a little less than usual? Do you need any help? Let me know if you want me to review anything with you.”

Why this will help

If your child is disorganized and easily distracted, she might have trouble with what experts call “self-monitoring.” This means she may not realize she’s off task, so she won’t know that she needs to get herself back on track. Your walking in and wondering out loud how things are going can be a positive way to help refocus your child.

Find out more about how kids use self-monitoring to learn.

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216Found this helpful

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