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Be a technology role model.

What you can do

Set clear rules on when and where your child can use electronic devices. Be consistent in enforcing these rules, and try to limit your own screen time too.

Remember that you are your child’s technology role model. If you’re constantly on your phone or computer, he’ll notice. That can make it harder for you to limit his screen time.

What you can say

“Jacob, I know you like to play video games a lot. I like using my electronic gadgets too. But we both need to balance our use of technology with other things in our lives.”

“Here’s our rule. No gadgets at the dinner table. I want us to have some time to actually talk, OK? We can also set aside some time in the evening for our electronics. Then we pull the plug for the rest of the night, unless you need to use the computer for school stuff, OK?”

Why this will help

Finding the right balance can be tough for many parents, especially if they need to do a lot of work at home. But setting limits on using technology can have a big upside for your child. It frees you both up to work on your child’s social skills.

Also, giving your child undivided attention can make him feel loved and supported. This can also boost his confidence.

42Found this helpful
42Found this helpful

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