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Celebrate the small stuff.

What you can do

Look for even the smallest bits of progress to celebrate. This will help your child develop a more positive self-image.

What you can say

“Jacob, you did a great job putting on your sneakers all by yourself. Today, you remembered which sneaker goes on which foot. Terrific job!”

Why this will help

Kids with learning and attention issues are used to hearing all the negative things that come with having those difficulties. This can be very frustrating for your child and helps explain why it’s so important to strengthen your child’s self-esteem.

This is an ongoing and cumulative process. You can help build up your child’s self-esteem by giving honest praise and clearly explaining why you liked something he did. Being specific about what you’re praising will go a long way toward boosting your child’s confidence and willingness to try new and difficult tasks.

33Found this helpful
33Found this helpful

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