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Create incentives for your child.

What you can do

Give your child options and build in rewards for making good choices. Create positive incentives as well as opportunities to have fun. If possible, try to turn daily activities into a game.

What you can say

“Let’s see how quickly you can get into your pajamas. Can you beat the time you did it in last night? On your mark, get set, go!”

“Remember how good you felt yesterday when you were able to put your trains away? Remember when you came to the dinner table on time, everyone cheered for you? Let’s try to make that happen two nights in a row. I know you can do it.”

“If you focus now on getting your stuff ready for school tomorrow, we’ll have some time tonight to play that new video game together.”

Why this will help

By remaining calm and upbeat, you can help your child stay calm and focus on successfully transitioning to the next task in a timely manner. And by giving her choices you’re comfortable with, you’ll promote feelings of control and independence by letting her make some decisions for herself.

84Found this helpful
84Found this helpful

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