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Develop a list of hot topics.

What you can do

Encourage your child use the Internet to figure out which topics are likely to come up during conversations with peers. Work together on things your child can say. Hot topics may include new movies, books and video games, popular TV shows and bands, young celebrities and local, college and pro sports teams.

Google Trends’ Hot Searches can be a quick way to find out what’s trending. Decide what’s really useful. Be sure your child can remember and easily use that info with friends.

What you can say

“Sofia, do your classmates seem to watch a lot of the same TV shows? Or talk about certain bands or video games? Once you have a better idea about what the latest hot topics are, you might find it easier to jump into a conversation with the kids around you.”

“Where can we find out about music trends? That’s a good idea—let’s check and see if MTV has a website. Where do you think we can get some ideas about fashion and trendy styles? What about teen celebrities? There have to be a bunch of those kinds of sites. What would be some good search terms?”

Why this will help

Brushing up on pop culture can expand your child’s social opportunities. The more she knows about what other kids are talking about, the more comfortable she’ll feel about initiating conversations or joining group discussions.

21Found this helpful
21Found this helpful

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