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Discuss transitions with teachers.

What you can do

Talk with your child’s teacher or coach about how they can help your child handle transitions and be more organized throughout the day. See if they can use some of the strategies you use at home to help your child switch from one activity to another. These might include timers, repeated reminders and color-coded signals.

It’s also a good idea to ask them questions about which strategies they’ve used successfully with your child. If possible, try to start including those strategies at home to provide consistency and reinforce good habits.

What you can say

“Mr. Lee, Jacob has a hard time stopping when he’s doing something he enjoys. It helps to give him a five-minute warning before he has to stop. It also helps to give him frequent reminders before those five minutes are up.”

“Jacob likes to be a helper. Can you try giving him a specific job at cleanup time? This may help him transition more easily. He might also have difficulty moving from place to place, so you might want to consider asking him to be the line leader.”

Why this will help

Teachers and coaches want things to run as smoothly as you do. Knowing which strategies are successful with your child at home could also help in the classroom or on the playing field. Your suggestions will be appreciated as long as you present them in a positive, respectful way.

98Found this helpful
98Found this helpful

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