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Expand your child’s circle of advisors.

What you can do

Remind your teen that you aren’t the only resource available to him. Encourage him to reach out to his coach, teacher, aunt, cousin, case manager or other adults he knows. Point out that their job training or life experience may make them a better resource than you are in some situations.

If your teen is uncomfortable reaching out to someone else, offer to make the initial contact and then have him follow up on his own.

What you can say

“Jacob, I know you’re getting anxious because school is almost out and you still haven’t found a summer job. You haven’t been interested in any of the suggestions I’ve made. And I don’t know what other opportunities are out there for you.”

“I do know that your cousin, David, always seemed to have a job every summer when he was your age. I wonder if he could give you some tips about landing a job.”

“Would you be willing to get in touch with David to see if he has some advice? I know you haven’t seen him since he left for college. But I’m sure he’d be happy to hear from you.”

Why this will help

It’s important for your teen to have other adults in his life. Widening his circle of advisors can help him resolve some challenges and expand his opportunities.

At times he may be more receptive to advice when it’s coming from someone other than you. That’s yet another reason to encourage him to reach out to positive role models in the community.

3Found this helpful
3Found this helpful

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